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Academy of the Seen and Unseen

The Academy of the Seen and Unseen is for those who have been looking for a community and a haven to explore different energies, get in touch with their body and create with awareness, choice, color and energy in ways that have never existed on the planet before.


Phantastical Tantra

3-Part Event

Phantastical Tantra invites you to live more enlivened with your body! This is a class for everyone, no matter your age or relationship status. We will be using the intense and dynamic energies of Tantra in any area of your life in which you have been feeling stuck, hopeless or shutdown in addition to anywhere in which you would like to increase what has already been showing up!

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Phantastical Shamanism

3-Part Event

Phantastical Shamanism is an evolution of shamanism that is conscious, inclusive and open to new possibilities beyond the traditional way that shamanism is often practiced.

Awakening Your Capacities with Living & Dying: Live Energetic Body Process

In this online class, Siris Rivas-Verdejo will show you how to communicate and listen to bodies and let them whisper to you what the person is truly willing to choose or not. By being willing to look at this and have this information, you can know where to devote your time and energy and what you can create your own way to invite people and spaces to more possibility.

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Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo holds in-person and online events and classes worldwide! If you don't see one near you, contact us to discuss hosting a class in your area. 

Siris Rivas-Verdejo

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